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My Guest – Eva Compton-Snort in “Meet my Main(ish) Character” Blog Tour

My guest this week is Eva Compton-Snort, one of the main characters in my comedy novel Religious Pursuits.

I was tagged by my friend and fellow author Scarlett Flame  www.missscarlettflame.blogspot.co.uk in a little game called…

Meet My Main Character Blog Tour

The rules are simple...
…The taggee must write a post answering the same seven questions about their main character… then the taggee becomes the tagger and nominates five other authors… Sort of like a chain letter with the potential to become a global virus. (hmmm not sure about that last bit… but…)

Rather than be predictable I thought I would introduce you to Eva, who was originally planned to be a peripheral character, but such was her personality she ended up becoming a pivotal character as the book developed…

…So now, meet Eva Compton Snort.

1, Tell us a little about this main character. Is she fictional or a historic person?
The thought of Eva being a historic character is quite frankly scary, but thankfully she is entirely fictitious.

With Religious Pursuits being set in a village I needed a village gossip, but to make her more interesting, so I gave Eva a wartime back story which went a long way toward developing her character, strong will and desire to get what she wants with ruthless efficiency, yet looking all the while like a harmless old lady.

2, When and Where is the story set?
The story is set sometime in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s in a fictional village in Devon.

It could have been anywhere in Britain, the main ingredients I wanted in my village being the policeman, vicar or reverend, village gossip, poacher and at least one randy couple having lots of affairs. All things I’ve noticed in villages I’ve lived in.

3, What should we know about her?
We do see two very different Eva’s in the book. Always ruthless, but a change of circumstances in her youth could have given us a very different Eva by the time our main story begins. I really like young Eva, and feel a great deal of sympathy for older Eva. You need to decide for yourself, but she has a lot of fans among my readers.

4, What is the main conflict? What messes up her life?
It is Eva’s unusual thought processes and strange logic that leads to her mis-interpreting events happening around her. Her natural reaction is to assume the outside attention drawn into the village by other events is the net closing in on her. The efforts to find out for sure and to cover her tracks as she sees it are her undoing, but Eva never goes down without a fight.

As I alluded to earlier though, we discover that past events give us a lot of reasons to have sympathy for her. A few twists of fate change everything set the scene for Eva to take centre stage once more as the book reaches its dramatic and funny climax!

5, What is her personal goal?
Eva is naturally suspicious and has a desire to know everyone else’s business, largely to make sure her own secrets remain just that. In the village this is relatively straightforward, but as the story develops and outsiders invade her space Eva’s tactics backfire spectacularly and create some of the funniest scenes in the book.

She is a survivor more than anything, and she has learned the hard way that in order to protect herself she has to make personal sacrifices and to keep people at arms length, yet fate could have dealt her very different cards to play with.

6, What are the titles of your novels, and where can we read more about them?
If I’m strictly accurate, Religious Pursuits is the only completed novel I have published. Here is a run down of my titles to date…

Religious Pursuits: Comedy Novel (Paperback/Kindle)

Bollywood Nights: Erotic Romance Novella (Ebook)

Ages of Sin Erotic Anthology

You can find these books on my Amazon authors page at the following link…

or look out for my pen name I. T. Heurtze for more erotica

Wicked Perspectives- Volume One Erotic Anthology

The Young Wife         Erotic Novella

They can be found at the following Amazon authors page…

I am currently co-writing a new Erotic Romance novel set in Rio de Janeiro called Luciana.

After that will come a road trip erotic story followed by a new comedy.

7, When can we expect your next book to be published?
I am writing Luciana and am about one third of the way into it, so I would say it will be released after The Orchard Book Club (@OrchardBookClub on Twitter) book signing event I am attending in Peterborough on March 14th 2015.

...Now for the bit where I get to nominate five other authors... All very supportive and worthy of a closer look by readers...

The first is a very charming man. He even writes under the Charming Man title and can be found on Twitter @charmingxman and www.charmingman.com

The second is a very supportive Author, who has already achieved deserved success and comes highly recommended, not least by me. Charity Parkerson can be found on Twitter @CharityParkerso and www.charityparkerson.com

Another extremely supportive author is Maria Savva @Maria_Savva www.mariasavva.com who does so much to support others as well as being a very talented writer in her own right.

Jake Malden @JakeMalden1 has again been very supportive in promoting other authors he has also been gaining a following for his erotic titles. You can find his blog at www.jakemalden.blogspot.com

Last but by no means least is Pippa May @pantsdownabbey who is definitely the author to follow if you like your bodices ripped and historic shenanigans. You can find her blog at www.myrubyredlips.wordpress.com and she comes highly recommended.

As you will already know from my answers earlier I am attending the Orchard Book Club book signing event on March 13th. I shall be blogging details very soon, so keep following my blogs for that, and later I will announce some exclusive merchandise available only at the event!

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