Saturday, May 27, 2017

Enwin's Motors Update and Programme Guide... May 2017

Hello Peeps,
I know there are lots of you out there waiting to see The Alternative Car Show Episode 1 from Stoneleigh 2017 and Charmaine Sinclair making her channel debut in Episode 2, but there are already plenty of videos already waiting for you to discover.

So for this blog I thought I'd post all the links and a quick guide to what you'll see. Just click on the link to watch a video...

First, and needing least explanation is the link for the channel itself...
You'll find all the videos here.

Next is the other one that needs little explanation...
An Introduction to Enwin's Motors
Here I introduce the channel and the programmes we aim to provide.

Next is an introduction to our Quantum Saloon car for life experiment.
Complete with a guide to the difference between a car that handles well and one with just good mechanical grip...

Sweden Road Trip 2016 Part1...
Neil embarks on his epic journey only to discover a big problem en-route. Along the way we visit The Kitcar Collection and go for a ride in two fantastic cars...

Sweden Road Trip 2016 Part2...
My friends take us on a boat trip and we join a parade of cars.

Sweden Road Trip 2016 Part3...
A visitors guide to Vastervik.

Sweden Road Trip 2016 Part4...
The return journey home.

Two Quantum Convoy...
A little extra filmed on the way home

Tornado (McLaren) M6GT Replica
Another great memory from the Sweden Trip

Introducing our Jeep KJ Cherokee
Do I really need to explain this one?

Now the big news...
As you will have seen from the second link introducing the channel... What, you didn't watch it? Give me strength! ...we have been planning a new proper series like thingy which will include more professional presenter types. Episode 1 of The Alternative Car Show can be seen right now (at the time of writing...) by anyone who pledges support on as a thank you. Please click on the link because we cannot make as many programmes or invest in new equipment to make them better, without you guys helping us.

For those who like teasers, here's the one for Ep1...

...and now the very big news..!
Episode 2 has the beautiful Charmaine Sinclair join us, presenting this episode and coming back in future episodes too! It also has the new cars by Lee Noble, who created the Ultima, M10 and M12 among other gems!

Here's a teaser for Ep2...

Now the sad bit. We are all really keen to build this until every month there is a new episode of The Alternative Car Show, A new Enwin's Motors feature and a new Road Trip episode. That's the least we want to do, but as I write we only have 2 Patreon supporters, so it will be a real struggle to deal with the backlog of planned shoots we already have!

Charmaine Sinclair was utterly fantastic and really loved working on the show. I know she's eager to do more and her fans are eager to see her, but again we need to get more subscribers and patrons to help. There are other exciting presenters waiting too, so please tell friends about the channel and do please, please, please click on  and even pledging $1 a month will make a HUGE difference.

As a thank you all the new videos are available for our Patreon supporters before they go public, $3 Patrons will get extended versions of features, as well as some exclusive videos and $10 Patreon supporters will get exclusive programmes, like the Stoneleigh Extra show already there at the time of writing.

We thank you for sharing this journey with us and hope you enjoy the videos we post for you.

Further updates can be found on Twitter @EnwinsMotors
...and on Facebook

Monday, May 8, 2017

Stoneleigh Show 2017 Report 1

Stoneleigh 2017 was like returning to the good old days for me with filming of Episode 1 of The Alternative Car Show. It's now live for supporters to see now so if you can't wait to see it click on the link and follow the instructions to pledge $1, $3, or $10 or more. This is how we will pay for the programmes, but the full video will go public on Saturday 10th June and I'll post that link in a future blog.

Meantime here's a little teaser preview for those who want to get an idea what you're missing

So what will you see in Episode 1? Well we take a look around The National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh 2017. New cars (To us) include the Batho and Lee Noble returned with two great looking cars which we look forward to taking a closer look at. An old favourite, the Cox/GTM Coupe returned as the Hambly Coupe and again we hope to take a closer look.

Outside in the Owners clubs we find the heartbeat of the industry and Andy Heaton from the Quantum Owners Club spoke to us about a crisis emerging regarding under-valued cars being written off by insurance companies and those wishing to strip them from parts.

It's an important feature and something we will come back to.

We also look at not one, but two Rochdale Olympics... well as a new body kit for the MX5.

We also take a look at some of the other cars there for the weekend.

On top of all that we have an extended version of the feature on Keith Hymers Rochdale for $3+ patreon supporters and a whole programme, Stoneleigh Plus for $10+ patreons. Again you can do this through