Thursday, January 8, 2015

Book Update 2015

2015 promises to be a great year and an important one for me. Some of you may have noticed that my previous high output of books has tailed off a little bit of late. This isn’t anything to worry about. It is all part of the plan, and there are two very good reasons for the tail off.

I always intended to get a few different books out there to give new readers something else to come back to if they enjoy one of my books. It’s a little lighter on the comedy titles than intended, but these are the more complicated and difficult to write.

However, the plan was always to pause and concentrate for a while on marketing to get my books known. This isn’t just using social media, although you will have noticed more activity from me, but also by getting involved in book signings, for which I am also arranging merchandise, including these Eva T-Shirts.

So what about the books?

Religious Pursuits

My first title and dedicated to my little Emily, is Religious Pursuits. A comedy novel very much in the Tom Sharpe mould which tells the story of a village policeman who sees his world fall apart after an accident and the village change forever as incompetent detectives, the paparazzi and even the army descend upon them with hilarious results.

Wicked Perspectives (Red Edition and Black Edition)

This was my first erotic title, and the eagle eyed among you will notice that the two versions have different authors and slightly different prices. It IS the same book, but there are subtle differences inside. The black edition has links and samples from other erotic authors, as do all the I. T. Heurtze books. All my future self published erotic titles will be I.T Heurtze books by the way to differentiate my titles more.

Wicked Perspectives is a collection of erotic short stories based either on real events, or in the majority of cases story requests from girls about their fantasies. This book puts you in the role of the lead lady and you experience everything she does in delicious detail!

I am looking now at story ideas to start work on Volume Two, and if any of you are brave enough to tell me your fantasies you might find you influence the contents.

Ages of Sin

The clue is in the title, but again is an anthology of short stories focusing on the theme of age differences. Not just older guys with younger girls, but more imaginative and there is a cougar on the loose here too!

The Young Wife

This novella came about after a brief but very strange chat with a bloke on a chatroom when I couldn’t sleep and boredom had kicked in. What if the guy got what he was looking for? Well I make sure there are a few surprising twists along the way to keep you turning the pages.

Bollywood Nights

This is my first novella published by a publisher, and thanks to House of Erotica for having faith in me. Currently only available as an ebook, but if enough people say they want me to I shall get it released as a paperback in time for summer.

It is a completely made up story, but came after I promised my friend and real Bollywood Star Bhairavi Goswami a story set in India, and behind the scenes in Bollywood. Thus the book is dedicated to my gorgeous friend, and you should take time to check out her films and comedy sketches posted on her Youtube channel BhaGoTV.

Bollywood Nights tells the story of Prya a rising star in Bollywood and her adventures of a passionate nature after meeting a mysterious English man.

So that’s most of my books and you will find all the above except Bollywood Nights at my first book signing event of the year in March, The Orchard Book Club #PeterboroughAuthorEvent2015

You can find links to all my Neil Winnington books on my Twitter page @NeilWinnington or using the following link...

...and the I.T. Heurtze books on the following link...

Of course I will be taking some books, but if you want to ensure a copy of your favourite title let me know by pre-ordering using the link below…

To round things off, there will be announcements to follow about other book signing events I shall be attending. All to be confirmed, but the other reason I alluded to earlier for the reduction in output is that I am helping a very special lady called Amanda China to write her own first novella called Bruna.

It is a very steamy erotic story and I don’t need to give any plot away to convince you just how sexy this tale of a lustful Brazilian girl who uses men as disposable pleasure toys will be. Amanda isn’t disappointing, and she just sent this pic of Ipanema Beach which features in chapter two to give you a flavour of the locations.

So 2015 will be a major year and I hope to meet as many of you as possible at book signings in the coming couple of years or so.

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