Sunday, March 12, 2017

Enwin's Motors

First of all, apologies for neglecting my blog for way too long. There's a lot to catch up on.

Fist up I have created not one but two youtube channels, but work has begun on posting videos for the first, Enwin's Motors which focuses mainly on motoring and travel programmes.

The videos will be split into four main series. Enwin's Motors will focus on our cars. Updates on our motors and project cars.

We will also go on road trips and post videos on those, and a future blog will cover last years road trip to Sweden. There will be many more road trips to come for travel fans.

The other main new series will be The Alternative Car Show which will be as alternative as it sounds. Featuring specialist cars, low volume cars, kit cars, hot rods, and even the specialist cars from major manufacturers such as BMW's i3 and i8, Nissan's Leaf... well you get the picture. We'll also bring lifestyle features such as off-roading, green laning, track days... So all the fun stuff, basically. Also all the stuff the mainstream motoring programmes won't do.

Anyway, never mind me TELLING you about the programmes why not click on the link below.

In case you're wondering where the Alternative Car Show is we're filming the first episode at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show on May 1st. We even have a super glamorous presenter coming and there's more... but we'll come back to that in a bit.

If you want to see the latest public episodes subscribe clicking the box below the videos saying... subscribe. Click on the like button too and leave a little comment and let us know what you think.

There is an even quicker way to see the videos first... but I'll come to that a little later...

Those wishing to keep up to date can like our new Facebook page where I'll also post the links to all the videos I post, as I will on the Twitter page @EnwinsMotors

We are going to fund all this using crowd funding. In order to invest in better cameras, presenters and to make more programmes we are relying on enough people to support us through and please click on the link and take a look.

There are three levels of support that people can offer, $1 a month, $3 a month or $10 a month. There are special rewards to thank our supporters. All patrons can see the videos a few weeks before they go public. $3 a month supporters get the above plus a few exclusive short features. $10 patrons get all that plus an occasional exclusive programme, which could be an extended version of The Alternative Car Show or a completely unique programme.

Every so often we will have an exclusive additional thank you. For example right now we have some Enwin's Motors pens for $3 patrons and Mugs plus pens for $10. First come first served while stocks last. Just leave a message on Facebook or Twitter to claim once you've made your pledge.

Plus we have an even more exclusive thank you for the first 5 patrons who say hi to me at Stoneleigh we'll have goody bags including a T-Shirt, pen and mug. First come first served, but you must complete your pledge before April 30th so I can take a list of patrons with me for verification.

Enjoy the programmes and please, please, please check out you really can make a massive difference and be part of something very special.

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