Saturday, June 10, 2017

Stoneleigh Part 2... Episode 1 The Alternative Car Show

Here it is, at last, Episode 1 of The Alternative car Show from The National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh 2017.

The programme brings a mix of the old, with not one but two very different Rochdale Olympics...
We also have the new, with this beautiful car and it's new sibling...
...and more besides.

All this is funded by crowd funding, so you can play a big part in helping to make this happen and in return we give a little extra to our supporters. All this you can find out by clicking on this link and pledge $1, $3 or $10+

$1 pledges get you to see new videos before we post the links publicly. Right now you can see
 Episode 2 of The Alternative Car Show presented by Charmaine Sinclair and featuring the new SSV Bug-R and Exile models by Lee Noble.

$3 pledges get extended and exclusive features. Right now there's an extended version of the Keith Hamer Rochdale Olympic Feature.

$10+ pledges will get completely new, exclusive programmes and there is already a Stoneleigh Extra programme waiting for you. We are already working on another exclusive show too.

So without further ado, here is the link you've been waiting for. Episode 1 of The Alternative Car Show. Click on this link and enjoy the show.

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