Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Writing Process Blog Tour

I have to confess to being somewhat remiss when it comes to not posting enough blogs of late. In my defence I have been busy with writing books, so when Scarlett Flame nominated me for this Blog Tour I felt it a good chance to catch up with you all...

...So here goes with the questions...

1) What am I working on?
Well I recently published two books. Bollywood Nights is a story set behind the scenes in the Indian film industry, telling of the erotic love story when a Bollywood Star meets an English writer. It is my first book published through House of Erotica and you can check out the book at these links;


The other recent release is a re-branding of my existing Wicked Perspectives by I. T. Heurtze complete with the addition of samples and links from other talented writers (including those mentioned elsewhere in this blog) with a cover photo by featuring the perfectly perfect model Tillie

...but that wasn't the question... I am currently writing two more books. An erotic romance set in Rio called Luciana, follows the life and loves of Luciana and her friends. I am co-writing this with the incredible Amanda China (Pictured below and utterly stunning!), who has helped me make this book an incredibly realistic portrayal of life for a beautiful girl in Rio de Janeiro.

My second upcoming book is set closer to home. Called the Road Trip, it follows the adventures of two models on a road trip... Original that isn't, but the locations are real and I am writing it especially for two very special friends.

If that isn't enough I am planning to follow that with a long overdue second comedy novel so Religious Pursuits doesn't sit so lonely among my titles.

2) How does it differ from others of its genre?
I do not consciously try to differ from anyone else. I always try to write my erotica from the perspective of my readers, who are predominantly female and with the comedy I strive to entertain with a few surprising twists to keep readers on their toes.

Most of all I always try to ensure there is a real story that readers can engage with, and characters they can identify with as well!

3)Why do I write what I do?
The comedy I write for my own pleasure. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with an entertaining plot and taking my readers on an enjoyable journey. Laughter is the very best remedy out there, so if I can make people feel good then I have achieved something positive.

I guess the same goes for my erotica. Although it started with private requests from female friends and led to more and more suggestions to publish... I hope I find a loyal following who will enjoy my erotica as well as a following for my comedy.

4) How does my writing process work?
My writing process differs between short and longer stories as well as the different genres. 

All of us feel there is a novel waiting to come out, but the challenge for many is to take the leap from short story to a full and engaging novel. I too undertook this journey when I wrote Religious Pursuits, and my solution has stood me well for the novellas and novels I have worked on since.

I begin with what I call the spine of the book. Main characters, and the journey they will take from the beginning to end of the book form the spine, although other influences can change the direction the book will take, as happened with Religious Pursuits.

To the spine we add a rib cage of peripheral characters. All with their own backgrounds and personalities. They will react and mingle within the main plot, while adding their own stories and distractions to the plot.

By adding detail and dialogue you are adding the flesh to the story, and a little twist or mis-direction gives the plot some limbs to run with. In essence that is how I set about writing my novels.

I hope this little blog has brought a little insight into my writing World. You can see my books at my two authors pages...

...I now get to nominate three more writers, and am going to break the rules by nominating four. 

Emma J. Styles has written a wonderfully frank and engrossing account of real life swinging in Paris, and it is all the more erotic and wonderful for being true. Her blog can be found at

Charming man is a talented writer and a big support to other writers as well

My third Nominee is an Angel who is anything but as bad as I'd love her to be, but she is a talented writer worth checking out

My naughty fourth nominee is a wonderful friend whose blog is the stuff of erotic dreams for those curious about alternative lifestyles Marie will certainly open your eyes.

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